3-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill

Sizzling Sausage Grill Plus

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  • Sear meat to golden brown perfection and seal in the juices all with less hassle to clean
  • Alerts you when sausage is done throughout
  • Even heating throughout eliminates splattering, capturing excess drippings
  • Fresh breakfast links and patties ready in 7-8 minutes Fresh dinner links ready in 10-15 minutes
  • Allows flexibility to cook different serving sizes
  • Collects drippings for a faster clean

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Sizzling Sausage Grill Plus

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Perfect mouth-watering results, every time.

Golden Brown

golden brown perfection

Enclosed heating surface evenly cooks your sausages to perfection

Ready in Minutes

ready in minutes

A delicious Johnsonville Sausage dinner is ready in just 10-15 minutes

Easy to use

easy to use

Take the guesswork out of grilling with accurate temperature monitoring

Grease Free

grease free

The included Drip Tray channels and captures the grease, giving you a better sausage

Easy To Clean

easy to clean

The cooking plates can be removed and are completely dishwasher safe

Compact Design

compact design

Takes up little counter space and is easy to store

Sizzling Sausage Grill Reviews

  • 5
    Greatest Sausage cooker ever

    I picked up one of these several weeks ago, and wow it is by far one of the handiest kitchen appliances I own. The other day I made mini sliders by putting small hamburgers in the patty sausage plate. Push the button , light goes out all done. 100% happy with my purchase.

    - Charles M Roberts

  • 3
    Love it

    Love it . Does wonderful job cooking

    - Sherry Davis

  • 5
    This little grill delivers on it’s promises!

    I’ll never cook brats and sausages the old way again.

    - Kirk Andrews

  • 5
    Sizzling sausage grill

    Makes the best sausage I have ever made

    - Donna alley

  • 5
    Pan Sausage

    I love pan sausage for breakfast and used the pan sausage plates for the first time this morning. The sausage was not greasy and had a excellent taste. Sorry George Foreman -- You are history.

    - Glynn E. Francis

  • 5
    Johnsonville sausage grill plus

    After seeing the commercial for this grill and wiping the drool off my mouth, my wife and I decided we need to try this. We cooked some cheddar brats and WOW they were perfectly golden brown and the perfect brat snap that is to be expected and very juicy. This grill only lacks one obvious thing that it won't be able to get and that is the smokey flavor from the charcoal grill (obviously since it sits on the counter in your kitchen). We are extremly pleased with how it turned out, breakfast links are the exact same as the brats just perfect. We don't eat patties to much but will be trying them in the near future. Exellent job on this grill Johnsonville you have exceeded my expectations on a countertop grill. Now if you could only get that smokey flavor from the charcoal in there.

    - Matt O

  • 5

    Outstanding addition to my kitchen appliances. I received my grill Tuesday, June 30th, I was in such a hurry to use the grill we had breakfast for dinner that night, and I was not disappointed, the grill cooked the sausages perfectly, I did not have to babysit the sausages as they cooked in a pan, they were cooked in 7 minutes to perfection, no pink on the inside and the sausage casing was slightly crisp. I waited 6 weeks for the sausage maker, it was worth the wait, the drip tray worked great. 4th of July weekend, looking forward to Italian sausage sandwiches with peppers this week end. My wife loves this grill.

    - Gilbert Fernandez

  • 5
    Awesome Grill

    cooks so fast best grill ever i love it

    - Mike O'Dell

  • 5
    LOVE this thing!

    Without question one of the best kitchen appliances I've bought in a long time. It makes perfect sausages every time and is very quick and easy to clean up and store. Highly recommended.

    - Justin Zarr

Sizzling Sausage Grill Reviews

It's pouring down rain and there's no access to my outdoor grill without getting soaked, but when the game is on and we're hungry for brats this happy little indoor grill saved the day! Quick to load, efficient to use, and easy to clean means there's no down time or missed plays due to being out back next to the grill... even if it wasn't raining. Love the ease and happy to have it in my family of cookers!

- Jim R.

To my surprise it performed just like you advertised. It prepared the BEST BRATS ever. Thank you very very much for such a wonderful product. I'm your customer for life.

- Alexander L.

It works great for all your brat style sausages, as good as grilling, and much more convenient. Now, how about making inserts for your other raw products like patties, and breakfast links. we would be using it three meals a day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- David M.

Brilliant idea. Best idea yet. Why didn't I think of that? Beats dirtying an oven or stovetop with splattering grease. Love your Beer 'n Brats the best. When we have special occasions at work, people at work love them, and can't get enough

- Michael B.
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